The scope of the Conference and co-located events is focused on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing, sensing, and novel applications. Conference topics include:


  • Molecular Photonics
  • Nonlinear Optics
  • Nanophotonics
  • Digital all-optical networks
  • Ultra-dense wavelength-division multiplexing
  • Ultra-fast optical time domain multiplexing
  • Next generation networking
  • Optical switching and routing
  • Optical packet networks and services
  • Optical memories and data storage
  • Optical transparency and network scalability
  • Network reliability and availability
  • Wireless and optical networking
  • Free-space optical communications
  • Radio-over-Fibre transmission
  • Broadband metro and access networks
  • Market in telecommunications
  • Microwave photonics
  • Photonic band-gap structures
  • Photonic crystal fibres
  • Nonlinear and active PBG devices
  • Nanoscale and ultrafast photonics
  • Quantum communications
  • VCSELs and other novel light sources
    Fibre lasers
  • Microresonators and photonic molecules
  • Novel glasses and photonic materials
  • New transmission windows
  • Polarisation mode dispersion
  • Photonic component integration
    Network planning and design tools
  • Big data analytics and network optimization
  • Non-conventional optical communications
  • Sub-wavelength photonic devices
    Communication in transportation systems
  • Optical microscopy and nanoscopy techniques and applications
    Optical inspection of transparent samples: quantitative phase imaging
  • 3D optical imaging and display
  • Polarization-resolved optical microscopy
  • Image processing
  • Satellite communications
  • Other relevant topics


Authors are cordially invited to submit their contributions (recommended length 4 pages in MS Word accompanied by a PDF version) for Regular and Poster Sessions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 31, 2019.
The authors will be notified on the acceptance by April 30, 2019Post-deadline papers with hot results can be submitted till June 1, 2019.
We are looking forward to offer a warm welcome to all of you for the 21st edition of the ICTON Conference. Traditionally, an ambitious technical programme will be accompanied by an attractive set of social events.


Co-located with:

  •  18th European Symposium on Photonic Crystals (ESPC)
  • 18th Workshop on All-Optical Routing (WAOR)
  • 16th Global Optical & Wireless Networking Seminar (GOWN)
  • 15th Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks Workshop (RONEXT)
  • 15th Optical Wireless Workshop (OWW – former Free-Space Optics Session)
  • 15th Photonic Integrated Components & Applications Workshop (PICAW)
  • 14th Nanophotonics for All-Optical Networking Workshop (NAON)
  • 14th Special Session on Photonic Atoms & Molecules (PAM – former MPM)
  • 14th Special Session on Novel Glasses for photonic devices
  • 12th Special Session on Market in Telecommunications (MARS)
  • 11th Workshop on Broadband Access (former ACCORDANCE)
  • 10th Anniversary Workshop on Communication in Transportation Systems (CTS)
  • 9th Workshop on Green Optical Communications (GOC)
  • 9th Special Session on Microwave Photonics (MWP)
  • 6th Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Network Optimization (BigNeO − former NeO)
  • 5th Workshop on Technology for Data Center Interconnects (DACINT)
  • 5th Workshop on Datacenter Networks (DCN)
  • 5th Workshop on 5G Transport Networks (5GT)
  • 4th Workshop on Fiber-Wireless Network Technologies and Architectures towards 5G and Beyond (FiWiN5G)
  • 4th Workshop on Quantum Photonics (QPhot)
  • 4th Workshop on Multi-Layer Network Orchestration (NetOrch)
  • 3rdWorkshop on Novel Optical Amplifiers (NOA)
  • 3rd Workshop on Label-Free Super-Resolution and Sensing (LFSRS)
  • 3rd Workshop on High Capacity SDM-WDM Optical Networking (SDM-WDM)
  • 3rd Workshop on Flexible and High-Capacity Optical Networks (Flex-ON)
  • 2nd Workshop on Optical Microscopy Techniques (OMT)
  • 1st Workshop on Integration of Optical and Satellite Communication Systems into 5G Edge Networks (OSCto5G)
  • 1st Workshop on Quantum Communications (QC)
  • 1st Workshop on Advanced Fibre Lasers and Coherent Sources (AFLaser)
  • 1st Workshop on Multi-band Open Optical Networks (MOON) 
    This workshop has been organized also in collaboration with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie ETN WON, grant agreements 814276, and with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).
  • 1st Workshop on Machine Learning for Optical Communications (MALOC)
    This workshop has been organized also in collaboration with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie EIDs REAL-NET an FONTE, grant agreements 813114 and 766115.
  • 1st DFG MARIE workshop on THz Photonics (TP)

The University of Angers and the Institute of Sciences and Molecular Technologies of Angers UMR CNRS 6200, together with The National Institute of Telecommunications, former Department of Transmission and Optical Technologies in Warsaw, and the IEEE Photonics Society Poland Chapter are pleased to announce the 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks ICTON 2019 which will be kindly hosted at the Université d'Angers, France, July 9-13, 2019. Technical co-sponsorship by the IEEE Photonics Society is foreseen.